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Pinball machine for sale




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Category: Machines

Game Type: Solid State Electronic (SS)

Manufacturer: Bally

Year manufactured: 1981

Description: Here is for sale a Bally EIGHT BALL DELUXE pinball machine working 100% OK. This machine looks in very decent condition because was partially restored by the previous owner, and still can be improved. We cleaned and repainted the interior of the lower cabinet and backbox. And a new set of the labels were installed. The playfield is a repro that looks like it was played for a low number of games. The paint of the artwork is still in very good condition: it was protected with a layer of something like a varnish but it was not applied correctly and the result is a process of peeling (of the varnish) in some parts of the surface of the playfield. We suggest to remove the rest of the varnish that is still present (Will be not really difficult to do, but needs of some time and patience) and to use another type of protection like clearcoat, mylar, etc. The machine can be played without problems in his actual condition. The pinball is new but there is a risk to damage the artwork playing it without to protect the artwork of the playfield. Backglass is the original and it is in excellent condition (probably between 8 and 9 into an scale from 0 to 10). A new set of rubbers was installed. Lamps for the general and switched illumination are 100% working OK. burnt-out light bulbs were replaced. Displays have a very good brightness and there are not missing digits or segments always on or off. Boards are the originals. Speech and sounds are very clear. The set of plastics is the original. The large plastic who cover the 8 ball target has an small crack, the upper left has a very small chip in the lower left corner and the left translucent plastic located at the side of the inline drop targets is also chipped. All drop targets are the originals. Is highly suggested to replace them because the risk that can be broken in a short time. Bumper caps are OK but all of them have a broken tab and they are now firmly attached (not glued) to the yellow ring. The apron and the ball shooter have decals applied on them. Lane guides are new. Front door and backbox have locks with the corresponding keys. The interior of the backbox and the lower cabinet were repainted. They are very clean. The exterior of the cabinet was fully repainted by the previous owner. It was not the best job: looks OK looking at the machine from a distance but some small failures can be noticed up close. Two coin mechs for quarters are included. A copy of the Manual & Schematics is included. Legs were repainted and they look very nice. Leg levelers are new.